Redhouse Museum Exhibition
Some of my sculptures were on display for the recent exhibition for the visually impaired 4U2Touch at the Redhouse Museum.
Thanks Ikea!
On a recent trip to Ikea I saw a huge amount of my favourite cardboard which they kindly let me have. I can't wait to make some sculptures with it.
Greyhound – Work in Progress
Here's a look at something I am working on. A life-size greyhound made from chicken wire.
Bill and Patch on YouTube
I made a video of Bill and Patch, my characters made of wood and paper mache and put it up on Youtube.
Tumbling hares
Large galvanised wire hares playing on the mound at Gordleton Mill near Lymington. Could you give them a home?
Thinking Man
This is an ongoing piece I am hugely enjoying. Like my sculpture “Bill”, this is inspired by my love of stillness and reflection and being in the moment. 
New Hare!
This is my latest hare. I really enjoy noticing where the weight of a creature is in its stance.
New Forest Show
I was the winner of the 1st prize at the New Forest Show! Read more about my experience.

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