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Hello, I'm Katie

Katie with Bill and Patch

I love to sculpt! I love to experiment with different materials like wire, paper mache, plaster of Paris, and use lots of recycled material.

I enjoy creating unique, hand crafted items and offer some of my work for sale. I also do commissions. If you are interested in having something created especially for you or a loved one please drop me a line!

I have a BA (Hons) Technical Theatre Arts and have enjoyed working on theatre productions of all shapes and sizes: World Touring, West End Theatre, Repertory Theatre, Theatre in Education. Making props, puppets and set pieces. 

I have also designed and installed shop window displays which have created a lot of interest and enhanced footfall. 

I enjoy teaching sculpture and have worked with undergraduate art students at Winchester University. 

It's fantastic watching the creativity of the students and watching their confidence in using new materials grow.


The dog looks great in the early sunshine. He sits in the window looking out over the beach. He's all twinkly, lots of colours! 


Just wanted to tell you that the hares look great in the garden – they are really having fun!  

Brenda & Dave

Katie has incorporated our linen and haberdashery section into her own designs with very creative ideas. The window created a lot of interest and sales from passers by. 

Treasure House

Latest Blog Posts

Redhouse Museum Exhibition
Some of my sculptures were on display for the recent exhibition for the visually impaired 4U2Touch at the Redhouse Museum.
Thanks Ikea!
On a recent trip to Ikea I saw a huge amount of my favourite cardboard which they kindly let me have. I can't wait to make some sculptures with it.
Greyhound – Work in Progress
Here's a look at something I am working on. A life-size greyhound made from chicken wire.
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